Comix Harem – Discover The Most Enticing Hentai Game on the Internet

This game includes adult pornographic visuals for a grown-up audience. All figures present on this website are 18 years or older, so users must confirm that they are 18 years old or above the maturity age of their country to continue playing this enticing game. Come on in and start reading to find out what’s in the Comix Harem game.

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When playing Comix Harem, you will experience it as if you are in a strange fantasy universe. Girls went wild and crazy over sexual matters. Make your harem of the most sensual Comics ladies in this comixharem. Be surrounded and loved by all of the women and defeat the enemies in an exciting sexual battle. 

Experience for yourself the best RPG with more uncensored content. Enjoy exploring a whole new world with lots of lustful comic ladies. Recruit ladies to your team, further expand your harem, and take down other players using harem performances.

Play Comix Harem and savor tons of uncensored and enticing illustrations or events freely.

Accessing Comix Harem

Free Register

To access Comix Harem, players will have to sign up for an account. Click the Join button in the upper left corner. After that, users will be taken to the tab where the form they must fill out is listed. The requirements needed are the username they will have, their email address, and the password they will enter. After finishing answering, press the Register button to proceed with opening the game with the profile created.

The Player’s self-created account can also be utilized for other games on the Kinkoid Games website.

Log In

To log in to Comix Harem, players can find the log-in button in the upper left corner. All they need to open their account is their email address and the password entered. After that press the log-in button to continue playing for free.

Password Recovery

Sometimes there will be a situation where players will forget their password. Such an event is already predicted by this game. The support management of the game made a password recovery so it will not be a huge issue when misremembering the passcode.

The button is at the bottom of the login form. Click it, and this link will open. Put the player’s email address and wait for the support management to send a confirmation message to their provided email.

Comix Harem Gameplay

  • Seduce the horny comic ladies that are waiting for you.
  • Get ready for the interesting, stimulating events every month in the game. 
  • Learn a lot of sexual RPG Harem Performances. 
  • Make your ladies more exquisite at performing sexual things.
  • Shower your ladies with rewards and increase their affection.
  • Make your sexual abilities to the top by buying equipment.
  • Be on top of national or international leaderboards.
  • Fascinate the Sex Champions to receive enticing prizes.
  • Join or make a club together with other players.


  • Action Adventure
  • RPG
  • Casual 

This game is also available on any device. You can play it on your PC Browser or even on your Mobile Browser. Playing time is more enjoyable, especially if you can easily open it.

Comix Harem - Discover The Most Enticing Hentai Game on the Internet

Support System

The support system can be contacted by simply pressing the support button. If players have any questions or technical problems about Comix Harem, they can contact them here. Message the management when having questions, suggestions, and feedback.

A valid email address is required to receive their response regarding the provided message.

Payment Options

If you want to make a payment, please talk to the game’s support system or just choose from the four options. The ones listed below can be used if you wish to pay using bank transactions. These fee options are reliable. All of these listed are certainly secure for your payment purchases.

  1. Support
  2. Sofort/Klarna
  3. Paysafecard
  4. Segpay
Comix Harem - Discover The Most Enticing Hentai Game on the Internet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are refunds allowed in this game?

  • Yes, if you live in Europe, you can contact the game’s management support. Refunds can only be made within 14 days following the day you paid for the subscription.
  • What happens when I purchase a subscription?

  • Purchase a Monthly Card to buy Credits. These credits give access to advanced features and virtual money called “Koban” or “Ryo” for the game.
  • Is the Comix Harem game safe?

  • Your data is classified and filed on protected servers. They will need your other information but will not share it with third parties.


Many horny girls are waiting for you to seduce them. Go on thrilling naughty missions to find many ladies and summon them to be in your Harem! You can also protect ladies from opponents, or make them fall in love with you in the Pachinkos! Try playing Comix Harem, as it is the most captivating game found on the internet.

>> Play Comix Harem Now For Free!

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